INTOG 2024 Reflections

INTOG 2024 Reflections

Last week’s INTOG 2024 event at the Ardoe House Hotel and Spa in Aberdeen was a great example of the innovation and progress in our industry.

The INTOG initiative is a testament to Scotland’s dedication to transitioning from traditional energy sources to more sustainable ones, showcasing groundbreaking projects and setting a benchmark for global renewable energy efforts.

It was superb seeing all of the offshore wind projects in the pipeline, particularly those aimed at reducing emissions from the oil and gas sectors. As my first post-COVID industry event, it was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and commitment from everyone involved.

INTOG 2024 focused on two pivotal types of projects:

1. IN – Small scale, innovative projects of less than 100MW.

2. TOG – Projects directly connected to oil and gas infrastructure to provide electricity and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

This event was masterfully MCed by Paul O’Brien, featuring insightful contributions from experts like Corentin THEPAUT and Mark Dixon, among others. Their discussions highlighted the critical role of innovative offshore wind solutions in achieving Scotland’s ambitious net zero emissions target by 2045.

Meet the Team: Introducing Debbie Collins

🌟 Meet The Team: Debbie Collins, HR/QHSE Expert at Sandaig Engineering 🌟

Debbie recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with us here at Sandaig where she’s a cornerstone of our team. Debbie takes care of our #iso9001 certification and SEQual Certification, as well as all HR, recruiting and personnel onboarding activities.

On top of that, she also has consulting duties supporting Kinetic Renewable Services with their ISO9001/ 45001/14001 certification and Repsol with their QC coordination and NCR management.

In her spare time, Debbie is an avid international traveller (mainly sunny locations!) and spends as much time as she can with her grandkids.


OEUK Share Fair 2024 Recap | Sandaig Engineering

OEUK Share Fair 2024 Recap | Sandaig Engineering

Reflecting on the OEUK Share Fair 2024, it was a landmark event for Sandaig Engineering, marking our first attendance since the onset of COVID-19.

The atmosphere this year was electric, charged with the energy of an industry at a pivotal moment of transition.

The event brilliantly highlighted the convergence of oil and gas with renewables, a promising indication of the future.

With an almost equal focus on traditional energy sources and emerging renewable technologies, the presentations, including those by notable companies like Spirit Energy on CCS and Ørsted on Offshore wind, were particularly enlightening.

The positivity was palpable, reinforcing the belief that Aberdeen indeed has a vital role in the energy transition.

It was a pleasure to reconnect with industry peers and forge new connections, proving the event to be an invaluable platform for collaboration and innovation.

A hearty shout-out to Offshore Energies UK and the North Sea Transition Authority for orchestrating such a forward-thinking event.

Here’s to many more successful Share Fairs and the bright future they herald for our industry.

Exciting 2024 Update from Sandaig Engineering

As we race towards the end of Q1 2024, we decided it would be a great time to update everyone on what Sandaig Engineering accomplished in 2023 and our goals for the rest of this year.

We had our first three yearly ISO9001:2015 rectification audit from LRQA. We passed with no NC’s, observations or OFI’s (thanks to Debbie C for her support on this matter, it wouldn’t have been possible without her hard work!).

And the numbers below attest to the hard work of the whole Sandaig team last year!

We’re delighted to say that the Sandaig SEQual recertification is complete for another year. Sandaig was one of the first of cohort companies to receive SEQual certification in 2021.

What you are probably unaware of is that we have been involved with SEQual from before its inception representing two of our current clients on the OEUK QHSE work group defining the Quality requirements for SEQual. We also currently represent one of our clients on the ongoing QHSE work group.

Despite some challenging headwinds in the North Sea, we’re entering the sixth year of our contract with a major North Sea oil and gas operator.

Apart from the day-to-day QA/QC activities areas of interest would be the work we have done in changing out their offshore logistics provider transfer, receipt inspection, QA codes/Material Masters, Port and temp Equipment and the pre/ post contract award assurance model.

We have a long-term relationship with an international energy company to develop their corporate well engineering and supply chain QA/QC processes. We have recently been awarded a contract managing their in-country QA/QC activities. The first country we have begun supporting through this contract is Business Unit Germany.

We also helped another world-renowned energy company develop and execute their supplier assurance/audit program in 2023. The focus has been on key contract deliverables and the touch points between the customer and supplier.

As ever, Sandaig Engineering aims to be at the forefront of the industry and we are taking strides in the direction of NetZero. Our work on the renewables side of things expanded in 2023 and we picked up several small consultancy assignments. We also ran two “Quality Masterclasses” for ETZ and continue to support the Chartered Quality Institute’s Renewables special interest group where Robbie is the vice chair.

2024 is already gearing up to be a big year for everyone here at Sandaig Engineering. If you need any strategic or operational QA/QC support in 2024 it would be great to have a chat.

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Case Study for Quality Professionals

🌟 Case Study – Develop and manage a vendor technical Q and HSE Schedule🌟

🔍 Dive into our case study from last year and see our expertise in action. Discover how we keep businesses ahead in the ever-evolving world of audit and supply chain assurance.

Need audit support? Reach out to Robbie OwenJackie Owen, or Debbie Collins. We’re here to help.


Seeking Quality Auditors

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We’re on the hunt for the brightest minds in auditing – particularly those looking for part-time opportunities. Whether you’re a consultant looking to fill your free time or seeking a semi-retirement role that keeps you engaged in the industry, we have a place for you.

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