Jackie Offers Words of Advice to AGCC Business Bulletin

Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce invited Jackie our Business Development Manager to contribute to the Business Bulletin for April 2023.

What should people know?

Sandaig Engineering offers tailored QA/QC Consultancy solutions to the energy industry. We deliver strategic and operational quality consultancy within supply chain, engineering, and project management. Our consultants listen carefully to our customers, making sure we understand in detail what they need. Then we can offer a tailored solution that is suitable for their business.

What’s the biggest mistake companies make?

Companies that fail to understand what their market is and who their customers are will waste resources. Having a clear strategy to understand your market and customer base will allow companies to effectively use their resources to optimise customer engagement and add value within the organisation. There are many business development organisations promoting industry conferences and the like. However it is crucial to be selective about where to spend resources, time and ensure follow up.

What’s your top tip?

Quality Management can appear complex at times however the PDCA Plan-Do-Check-Act approach can be scaled for both simple and complex businesses. It is a four-stage approach for continually improving and problem-solving processes products or services. It involves systematically testing possible solutions, assessing the results, and implementing the ones that have been shown to work.