Reflecting on the OEUK Share Fair 2024, it was a landmark event for Sandaig Engineering, marking our first attendance since the onset of COVID-19.

The atmosphere this year was electric, charged with the energy of an industry at a pivotal moment of transition.

The event brilliantly highlighted the convergence of oil and gas with renewables, a promising indication of the future.

With an almost equal focus on traditional energy sources and emerging renewable technologies, the presentations, including those by notable companies like Spirit Energy on CCS and Ørsted on Offshore wind, were particularly enlightening.

The positivity was palpable, reinforcing the belief that Aberdeen indeed has a vital role in the energy transition.

It was a pleasure to reconnect with industry peers and forge new connections, proving the event to be an invaluable platform for collaboration and innovation.

A hearty shout-out to Offshore Energies UK and the North Sea Transition Authority for orchestrating such a forward-thinking event.

Here’s to many more successful Share Fairs and the bright future they herald for our industry.