Last week’s INTOG 2024 event at the Ardoe House Hotel and Spa in Aberdeen was a great example of the innovation and progress in our industry.

The INTOG initiative is a testament to Scotland’s dedication to transitioning from traditional energy sources to more sustainable ones, showcasing groundbreaking projects and setting a benchmark for global renewable energy efforts.

It was superb seeing all of the offshore wind projects in the pipeline, particularly those aimed at reducing emissions from the oil and gas sectors. As my first post-COVID industry event, it was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and commitment from everyone involved.

INTOG 2024 focused on two pivotal types of projects:

1. IN – Small scale, innovative projects of less than 100MW.

2. TOG – Projects directly connected to oil and gas infrastructure to provide electricity and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

This event was masterfully MCed by Paul O’Brien, featuring insightful contributions from experts like Corentin THEPAUT and Mark Dixon, among others. Their discussions highlighted the critical role of innovative offshore wind solutions in achieving Scotland’s ambitious net zero emissions target by 2045.