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For all organisations, the delivery of high-quality products and services is essential. The consequences of failure grow ever more significant in today’s world of increasing customer expectations, regulatory oversight and use of social media to broadcast success or failure. Yet here in the energy sector we are aware there are still too many quality failures that cause harm to society, damage lives and waste money. Organisations that are unable to transform and meet customer and stakeholder expectations see their reputations and customers slip away. Stakeholders (including society, governments, suppliers, employees and consumers) require, and in many cases are demanding, improvements and transformations in how quality is delivered.

Here at Sandaig Engineering we offer QA/ QC Consultancy services that work in partnership with organisations whom are deeply invested in creating and improving customer value. We work hard to put quality at the heart of their business and meet industry best practice.  This enables positive organisational change that fosters continuous improvement across both the customer and their supply chain. We understand that to sustain delivery of high-quality products and services, organisations must establish effective systems of governance and assurance, and commit to a culture of objective evaluation and continuous improvement. We do this by taking a pragmatic and hands on approach to complex issues, investing in long term relationships and trust and providing and accepting honest feedback. If you wish to discuss how we can help your business please contact;

 robbie@sandaigengineering.com, jackie@sandaigenginnering.com, debbie@sandaigengineering.com